Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Still here waiting......

The day I've been waiting a long 9 months for, otherwise known as my 'due date', came and went and still no baby in sight.......I've had plenty of twinges, in fact I've been up for 2 nights in a row with bad stomach ache but experienced mothers have told me that this is 'normal' and my bodies way of preparing for labour. So still no happy news to report.

Bump at 40+2 days.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

What the midwife said.....

I've just come back from my midwife appointment, and she was surprised to see me still with huge bump in tow, convinced I would have babe in arms by now. Baby is still in optimum birthing position with head 3/5 engaged, and she said to expect to go into labour any time now. Blood pressure keeps going down (supposed to go up at this stage) and is 80/60 which explains the insistent 'stars in my eyes' when getting off the loo. In case labour doesn't happen in the next week, my next appointment is at the hospital on 2nd April where they will give me an internal examination and talk about a date for induction. Let's just hope it doesn't come to that and that baby makes an appearance SOON !!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The waiting game......

I'm still here at 39+4 days, due this Saturday 26th March. I'm not seeing my midwife until tomorrow however am convinced that babies head is fully engaged as I am waddling like a duck. I'm still living in hope of an Easter delivery so watch this space. I'll be posting as soon as I go into labour to let you all know......

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Growing Bumps !!

As you can see, the bumps are growing well and the bets are on - who is going to pop first? Me or Spencer? There are only 10 days to go until due-date and up until now the signs have all been there to indicate an early arrival - lots of practice 'Braxton Hicks' contractions, sleepless nights, backache, pelvic ache, oh and the 'nesting' instinct has well and truly kicked in. But lo and behold, all these signs have now disappeared and I'm now thinking that maybe an Easter arrival is not off the cards after all....
I'm now in the 2nd week of my maternity leave and have to say that this "not-working period" really suits me. I've been busy establishing a network of mums-to-be in the area and have even managed to attend my first official 'coffee morning' with mums and bumps. Being very new to this experience I really didn't know what to expect until I arrived. It looks like baking is a high priority when you invite people round to your house for coffee as there was a lovely looking (and tasting) lemon sponge just been taken out the oven upon arrival. Home baking is something that doesn't come too naturally to me and I have the next coffee morning round my house tomorrow with not a home-baked cake in sight. I'm hoping that Mr Kipling will help me out later when I nip into Tesco's.
As well as meeting mums-to-be and talking about common pregnancy ailments and the up and coming arrivals, my house now resembles something out of Ideal Home magazine, owed mainly to the fact that I haven't stopped cleaning it for days on end. Spence has also been totally spoilt by having a home-cooked meal most nights ready for when he gets in from work- and before you ask - yes he is still alive.
Some sad news in....I've had to sell the Mini. Much to my disappointment and however hard we tried, a carseat, pram and bags just don't fit in it. So practicality won hands down and I now have a 4 door saloon with a baby on board sticker in the rear windscreen. At least I refused the 4-wheel drive, people carrier option. Who says I' m getting old?

The Growing Bumps!