Tuesday, January 25, 2005

NCT Class Update Number 2

All things proceeding to plan, my stomach is slowly forming a nice round mound, I'm increasingly tired and eating well. Getting up in the morning seems far more difficult than it did, and I really don't want to do much.

Anyway, Lisa's good too, all the above apply two-fold. She really is beginning to look 'move off your seat on the tube pronto' pregnant now. Lots of kicks and movements going on, we appear to have a bit of a night owl who wakes up around 11.30 just as we are off to bed. Looks like it could be fun soon - I'm told there is no option whatsoever to put a cot in the shed, even on warmer nights.

The Monday night 'NCT' classes are not anywhere near as bad as I feared. It can get a bit 'touchy, feely, hippy' at times, but by and large is informative. For instance, did you know it's perfectly acceptable during labour to dial out to the local Indian for a Jalfrezey and Naan, or a Domino's!!!! One of the biggest dangers with long labours is exhaustion, and the mum is encouraged to eat well.

Lisa seems to have bonded quite well with a few of the women on the course, which is good - I think a local support group could be very handy. The other men are great too - we have many a conversation about cars, bikes etc while the women are discussing the 'finer' details of birth.

Next pictures to follow!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

NCT Ante-Natal Update

We went to our first NCT ante-natal class last night which was excellent!! There is a group of 8 couples altogether and it is held round some woman’s house who has been running the classes for 15 years. We seem to have got a group of wannabe comedians as we didn’t stop laughing for the whole 2hrs. This was helped by Spencer introducing himself as the husband who has put on the most weight in his pregnancy, more than his wife in fact….He also proceeds to slap me on the arse a good few times when I’m bent over a birthing ball when he was supposed to be learning massage techniques. I think you can safely say that people will remember us, or Spencer anyway… I also met a girl who is due on 27th March, 1 day after me, and lives 5 minutes away which could be handy in future months….There were a range of other expected delivery dates, ranging from 4 March to 22 April, so I am roughly in the middle of all the expectant mothers. Most people are from Poole, Bournemouth or Christchurch which is great as this will help us form a new mothers group for when the babies are finally here.

Much as I enjoyed Spencer’s massage in the class last night, I will be having a professional massage done tonight to help ease my back-ache which seems to be getting worse the bigger I get. I just hope the woman coming over doesn’t start slapping me like Spencer does…..

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Lisa and Bump

Well I've reached 30 weeks without too many hiccups and I am now in full 'bloom'. I am absolutely loving everything about being pregnant apart from the week-to-week ailments it seems to bring, however I keep reassuring myself that it will all be worth it in the end. I am now seeing midwife every 2 weeks for my usual checks which include measuring fundal height, testing of wee and blood pressure checks. She also ensures that you are feeling well and gives advice on anything you have concerns about. Spencer and I start our National Childbirth Trust (NCT) classes tomorrow and have mixed feelings about it. I am going to be quite dependant on these classes to meet fellow mums-to-be in the area so want to make a good impression. Spence is convinced it's going to be a hippy forum where we all have to talk about our feelings. I hope he's wrong!

Bump at 30 weeks...

Bump at 21 weeks...

Bump at 16 weeks...